Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thurrock Council to put their phone number on website for people who don’t have the internet….


A THURROCK Councillor in charge of digital services has pledged to put their telephone number on the council’s website for the benefit of those who don’t have the internet.

Portfolio holder for Central Services, Gary Collins, was responding to a question from Little Thurrock Blackshots councillor Joy Redsell.

Cllr Redsell pointed out that many of her residents don’t have the internet and want to speak to someone on the phone.

Cllr Collins duly replied. The clip is below.

Next week, Cllr Abbott and Cllr Costello discuss the new players on their baseball team.


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in order to access the council website to get their phone number don’t you need the internet?

  2. One day everything will be done online. and the person on the computer working for Thurrock Council will not be in England but in India on a zero hours contract working for an employment agency. Next we will have a CEO of Thurrock Council who is earning £200000. Who doesn’t even live in Thurrock So dosen’t have to live with the consequences.. its just an ever increasing line of public sector jobs for them with ever increasing pay rises as they jump between jobs between Councils.

    This constant attack on never ending cost cutting and ever lower wages and conditions. is insane. Along with ever increasing outsourcing to foreign private sector at larger cost.

    This is not in the interests of the people they serve. It destroys local jobs by British workers and means Capital flow goes out to India into an offshore account.

    Theres a war going on at the moment and itts the british workers and Thurrocks taxpayers that are losing it.
    But hey some guy in India is a billionaire. Maybe he can donate hundreds of thousends to local MP’s, Thurrock counsellors and Council management. As a fund to fight there election campaign. absolutely nothing in it for him.

  3. Councillor Joy Redsell – reading from what appears to be a pre prepared question

    “…but we should not deprive residents access to a contact number will the Portfolio Holder ensure that the website displays a telephone number as we have many residents out there who are not digital and have no way of getting to a computer or phone…”

    1) Councillor Redsell wants a telephone number displayed on Thurrock Council’s website.

    2) Because many residents don’t have access to a computer or telephone.

    3) Which begs the question if they have no computer and no phone what is the use of a telephone number on the website that they can’t access or a telephone number if they don’t have a phone….

    I know Councillor Redsell is of advanced years and all this modern technology must be confusing for the poor old dear but shouldn’t her carer or a responsible adult check the script that she has prepared before she opens her mouth to speak and shoots herself in the foot.


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