Sunday, May 19, 2024

Labour slam “shambolic..standard of communications” at Thurrock Council

THURROCK Labour Leader, Councillor Oliver Gerrish, has slammed Thurrock’s Tory Council for its shambolic behaviour and standard of communications in recent months.

It was recently revealed that the council was refusing to respond to enquiries from the Thurrock Independent newspaper editor Neil Speight. The council has also recently failed to inform the Thurrock Rugby Club that their pitches were to be sold, and failed to warn local residents that their park on Elm Road was to be closed. In doing so, the Tory cabinet also refused to accept any recommendations from a cross-party scrutiny committee chaired by Cllr Gerrish claims Thurrock Labour.

Councillor Gerrish said, “I am calling on the Tories to get a grip. Considering the political balance of the council, some of the decision-making that we have seen has been arrogant and exclusive beyond belief. It feels like the Tory Council is going to extreme lengths to exclude residents and opposition politicians from the ability to make and influence decisions.

“It is not acceptable that the council is refusing to let people know what is going on. Thurrock Labour believes the right of local residents and organisations to be told what’s happening in their local authority area is crucial.

“These are points that I have raised in person at the council through questions and a motion.”

He concluded, “We need a change of attitude and we need it fast. The Tory Council is rapidly eroding the last shreds of its reputation in this borough.”


  1. That is one problem with the right wing hierarchical order it can run the risk of believing
    it is above the people it serves.


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