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Does Thurrock Council have an Brexit Impact Plan?


THURROCK Council has yet to develop a Brexit Impact Plan.

Recently, Sky News, via a number of Freedom of Information requests, asked thirty councils across the land to detail their Brexit Impact Studies.

They published over thirty responses. Dover Council, in a very detailed response, expressed grave concerns about log-jammed traffic on the M20. Another port area, Pembrokeshire also had a detailed document with nineteen ways Brexit could affect their area. Bristol makes reference to social unrest.

Wirral council told Sky News: ‘Given the lack of detail from government about any proposed deal or arrangements, it is difficult to carry out an assessment that is not purely speculative at this time.’

On August 1st, we asked Thurrock Council if they had a Brexit Impact Report.

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said: “Thurrock Council continues to monitor the preparations for the UK exiting the European Union, formal analysis of impact would not be undertaken until more details emerge as the negotiation process continues.

“However, the Council is in discussion with port operators in the Borough about potential impacts of changes to customs checks for EU goods, in particular on traffic in the borough and for our Trading Standards service operating at the ports. We are also working closely with the National Trading Standards service.”

You may have thought that a borough of 160,000 with three major ports, the Dartford Crossing, a major shopping centre, a number of industrial complexes, they would have a detailed report. Or maybe you feel that compiling a report would be playing into the hands of Project Fear?

It would be interesting to hear what our readers think.

To compare, our sister paper, YourHarlow.Com asked Harlow District Council if they had a plan. Their reply was as follows.

A Harlow Council spokesperson said: “Although Harlow has not prepared a specific report analysing the impact of Brexit, we are of course well aware of the uncertainty created by the lengthy Brexit negotiations. Although, as a District Council, direct responsibility for the areas you refer to lie predominantly with Central government, County/Unitary authorities, the NHS and the Police, we work closely with all of these partners for the benefit of Harlow and have ensured that our financial planning includes a healthy reserve set at well above the recommended minimum to ensure we are protected from the possibility of turbulent times ahead.

“We are aware from Cllr Kevin Bentley, Deputy Leader Essex County Council, and the Local Government Association Spokesperson on Brexit and Chairman of the East of England Europe and International Panel, that:

‘Essex County Council (ECC) has been monitoring the risks and opportunities facing Essex, and is already working with the LGA and County Council Network (CCN) to lobby Government. On top of that, ECC is undertaking research to define the priorities of a local authority driven UK growth programme, which would replace EU funding after 2020.’

“Specifically in relation to Harlow, as a community leader, the Council is concerned with the welfare of those who live in the District, visit or do business here.

“The Council is ensuring it promotes equality of opportunity and this is reflected in how we provide services and make decisions. Our Community Safety Team works closely with partners to help build a culture where different views are expressed respectfully and extreme consequences of ‘social unrest’ are mitigated.

“We have recognised the potential risk of Brexit in our business planning and we are monitoring the evolving situation but there is insufficient clear information at present to make further detailed planning to mitigate unknown impacts upon our services worthwhile. However ensuring that the financial standing of the Council, in terms of prudent management and increased reserves, will of course help us to better meet any challenges ahead.”


  1. I see top brexiteer and the nations most wealthiest man Ratcliffe has gone to Monaco.
    This is so frustrating.

  2. I think government and councils should get on in getting as many fair trade deals as possible.

    And promote the SME’s sector in it. As they employ the most people and have created
    70 per cent of private sector employment growth in the UK since 2011.
    We need deals that give Small and medium sized businesses as much access as Multinationals.

    We also need to increase the Enterprise support out there and pioineer the industries and jobs of the future like CleanTech. FInTech and BioTech. To name a few.

    We also need to sort out the business failure rate I have posted about on YourThurrock before as this is alarming with now 50% going bust in the first five years and 90% over the course of a business life (say 30 years).

    We also need to create skilled long term jobs with livable wages as this race to the bottom has run its natural course.

    I would say Enterprise and Entrepreneurial courses that are run by local Universities and colleges need to be linked to the industries of future that will create both skilled long term job growth and Wealth (GDP) growth.

    South Essex with its links to London could be a good location to think about a
    CleanTech, BioTech and FinTech ventures Hub.

  3. One last thought on the subject get them listed on the FTSE AIM market once appropriate.
    This will create inward investment and allow investors to make a good return on investments.

    In fact we could go much further and create an regional Tech/Growth
    investment fund which could take an equity share in listed AIM companies locally.
    which would pay for local services. Thus lower everyones Council tax.

    Which would mean everyones a winner.

  4. Nigel Lawson, the former Chancellor and long-term Brexiteer, applied for permanent residency in France.

    This is getting sick.

    Another one. The principle people behind this are leaving for the very thing they ideologically hate.

    We need to get behind Jackie Doyle Price and Theresa May who seem to be the only ones with an sence of responsibility left.

    I just hope like with the sub prime morgage crises the people who caused it dont shift blame onto the vulnerable dsaibled.
    Which also happened after the crash of 1929. in 1930’s Germany with disabled, poor and Jews being blamed for it with devistating results.

  5. I recall a council meeting at Thurrock before the referendum when some toryCllrs claimed all sorts of brexit dividends and windfall for long suffering residents

  6. We all know politicians and promises.
    They kiss our arse at election time and sell us out to the highest bidder when or after office.
    Same all parties.


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