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Emergency services take place in major incident training exercise at DP World

POLICE officers from across the eastern region working together with partner emergency services took part in a live-play training exercise at DP World London in Essex to test responses to a major incident.

Exercise 2

DP Exercise 1

The exercise, which ran for two days starting on Tuesday, September 4, was designed to enhance the skills of emergency responders when managing a major incident and was not in relation to any specific threat.

The scenario saw a firearms incident develop at the scene with police along with other emergency responders putting in place response plans to defuse the threat. Role players were used to make the exercise as close to real-life as possible.

This was just one of a number of exercises held regularly across the country and provides invaluable training and experience for officers and staff. Preparation and testing is integral in helping partners to ensure the UK is resilient.

Details of the exercise were not shared publicly to allow us to respond spontaneously we would in the event of a real incident. The area was tightly controlled and the public were not involved.

Elsewhere it remained business as usual for all the agencies involved and there was no impact on the police’s ability to respond to any genuine request for help.

Essex Police Assistant Chief Constable Pippa Mills who led the regional exercise on behalf of policing in the eastern region, said: “We work together to run routine exercises like these because it is important that we test out our ability to deal with large scale incidents, both as police officers but also how we work collectively as emergency responders. I would like to thank DP World, local businesses who may have been impacted by the activity as well as the local community for their support.

“The exercise was not based on any threat or intelligence however recent national and international events continue to highlight the importance of public organisations testing their emergency response procedures to assure the safety of the communities we serve.”


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