Monday, May 29, 2023

Large traveller encampment take over field near Culver Centre in South Ockendon

Update: Daiglen Drive ‘Culver Centre’, South Ockendon
A ‘Direction to Leave’ was served on 10 September
Essex Police have issued a Section 61’d and the encampment will be evicted


YOURTHURROCK has received reports that a large traveller group has illegally encamped in South Ockendon.

There are reports since Saturday night that a group of up to fifty vehicles has taken over a field close to the old Culver Centre on Daiglen Drive.

Residents have reported a number of incidents of disorder both within the area and on the streets of South Ockendon.

YT understands that Essex Police are in the process of issuing a notice to leave.


Over the last week, smaller groups have encamped in the area.

There was a group in Dilkes Park and a group on land behind South Ockendon Health centre. A ‘Direction to Leave’ was served on 7 September.

Thurrock Council has stated that a court application will be submitted in respect of the medical centre.


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