Thursday, September 21, 2023

The Grays Lives Project: Eddie Clampin: Para athlete

Eddie Clampin Medals

GRAYS resident, Eddie Clampin’s life was changed ten years ago. Eddie was involved in a road traffic incident near Lakeside whilst riding his motorbike. The next line should read: “Eddie is now confined to his wheelchair” however, Eddie is not confined but instead can be seen most days racing in his wheelchair.

In the last five years, Eddie has been racing in competitions ranging from 10 kilometres to the full marathon.

Life has not been easy for Eddie but as you will see from our interview, there is not a shred of self pity.

Our only request is that Eddie would like to do more racing but it needs a little bit of financial help. If you can help, get in touch with us here ( and we will pass on your details.


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