Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Thurrock Independent re-elected chair of Lower Thames Crossing Task Force

Peter Smith

THURROCK Independents Cllr Peter Smith has been re-elected for a second term as the Chairman of the Lower Thames Crossing Task Force.

Cllr Smith said: “I’m delighted to be given the opportunity once again to steer this cross party group with its ambitions to oppose this project whilst at the same time securing the best of best outcomes for the residents should this crossing be forced upon us.

“During last nights meeting it was apparent yet again that Highways England failed to provide a representative, failed to provide any updates for the past six months and failed to respond to officers inquiries. Again Thurrock residents are being treated with disdain, I shall continue to chase them down until they fully engage in a professional manner with the Task Force and Council Officers alike.

“I would also like to remind residents we will be entering a statutory consultation period over the coming months. Please look out for the upcoming public meetings and events where you will be able to get your voice heard.”


  1. To do what exactly ? Its all just lip service. Do you honestly think your voice will be heard…urrrrrrrrrrrrr NO.

    Thurrock needs to wake up and realise the crossing is happening and we have to get used to it.

    We need it bad to alleviate the Bridge/Tunnel problems.

  2. I have to agree with parts of thurrocksgonedownhill

    Its all a done deal by government. All you can do is do there rubber stamping for them. The fact you’ve talked to local residents for them. boxed now ticked.

    Know your station. So called local democracy is a junior partner to national government.
    They command and you obay.

  3. CTB
    At least you know the situation here.
    It is a done deal, these morons think they can stop it and trust me it’s coming…I know I am involved with this project.

  4. A pointless talking shop designed by Thurrock Council as a handy pressure cooker for all those opposed to the crossing and deflect any anger away from the Council and towards Highways England. Councillors don’t want any repeat of the great unwashed disrupting the ritualistic rubber stamping event that are Cabinet Meetings and Full Council Meetings. Better to neutralise public anger by giving those most vocally opposed a nice task force (i.e. a committee) for them to grand stand and stop their feet while the juggernaut that is Highways England marches forward ignoring and brushing aside any opposition.

    This proposal was conceived under the last Labour Government. The Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition didn’t abort it but gave it new life and continued it’s development and the current Conservative Government have let the process continue. It doesn’t matter now which party wins the next General Election the process has continued to gather momentum to a point where it won’t be stopped.

    Meanwhile the Lower Thames Crossing Task Force continues to meet and huff and puff with nobody in any real authority giving a toss what they think, say or do. But at least all those annoying members of the public are no longer disrupting council meetings. That is after all why this task force was really created and to that end it has achieved what Thurrock Council wanted – no more disruptions of their monthly Punch and Judy shows that are Cabinet Meetings and Full Council Meetings.


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