Thurrock Independent re-elected chair of Lower Thames Crossing Task Force

Peter Smith

THURROCK Independents Cllr Peter Smith has been re-elected for a second term as the Chairman of the Lower Thames Crossing Task Force.

Cllr Smith said: “I’m delighted to be given the opportunity once again to steer this cross party group with its ambitions to oppose this project whilst at the same time securing the best of best outcomes for the residents should this crossing be forced upon us.

“During last nights meeting it was apparent yet again that Highways England failed to provide a representative, failed to provide any updates for the past six months and failed to respond to officers inquiries. Again Thurrock residents are being treated with disdain, I shall continue to chase them down until they fully engage in a professional manner with the Task Force and Council Officers alike.

“I would also like to remind residents we will be entering a statutory consultation period over the coming months. Please look out for the upcoming public meetings and events where you will be able to get your voice heard.”

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