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The Soldiers of Vanity Fair at Tilbury Fort

The Soldiers of Vanity Fair at Tilbury Fort

ON Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September, some of the soldiers featured in ITV’s new production of Vanity Fair took up garrison duty in Tilbury Fort, Tilbury.

Essex Reg

William Makepeace Thackeray’s classic novel is set at during the Napoleonic Wars, and the soldiers of Wellington’s army, and the 44th East Essex Regiment specifically, are portrayed in the new TV series.

The 44th East Essex Regiment of Foot, one of the country’s foremost Napoleonic re-enactment and living history groups, set up a 19th Century tented camp within the walls of the fort, which is run and maintained by English Heritage.

Visitor’s to this historic site saw the troops drilling and firing the famous Brown Bess Musket, finding out how the King’s soldiers lived and played, how they were disciplined at courts martial and how the officers settled their disputes, sometimes by duelling.

The 44th East Essex Regiment, one of Lord Wellington’s finest, were on hand all weekend to talk to the public, explain the way of life on campaign for the officers, soldiers and camp followers of King George’s regiments.


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