Thursday, April 18, 2024

Why won’t Thurrock Council come clean over reasons bins aren’t being emptied?

THURROCK Council is refusing to explain why a street in Stanford-le-Hope did not have its bins emptied.

On Tuesday, we were sent a photograph by a reader who lives in St Andrews Way, Stanford-le-Hope.


The picture shows a row of un-emptied bins in a street with just a couple of cars parked.

In light of a general response made by Thurrock Council last week to a general question asked by us, we decided to ask a specific question.

We asked: Why were you not able to collect bins in St Andrews Way, Stanford le Hope?

If it was a question of obstruction, do you have any photographic evidence to back this up?

We received the following reply.

“Waste collections can be missed for a number of operational reasons, including poorly parked vehicles preventing bin lorries from being able to access roads, traffic congestion and staff availability. When roads have been missed, waste is normally collected the following day during normal working hours”.


  1. We pay our council tax to have our bins emptied Thurrock Council should remember this. Whilst we’re on the subject of council tax we also pay for policing, another thing they seem to have forgotten!!

  2. Wakey, wakey imbeciles of Thurrock.
    We have a totally incompetent council and Police Commissioner so what do you expect.


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