Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Labour leader slams Thurrock Council over “secret” developers meeting

John Kent Dementia

“THERE are times when I’m shocked by the absolute arrogance of the Conservative administration running Thurrock Council,” says opposition Labour Leader John Kent.

The most recent example happened on Tuesday, 18 September, when the council held their “secret” developers meeting at High House, Purfleet.

“As far as I know, no non-Conservative councillors were invited to the meeting. I know I wasn’t invited and I’m the leader of the main opposition group, a group with only three fewer members than the Tories.

“Our chief executive should be reminding Cllr Gledhill that the majority of people in Thurrock are represented by non-Tories. By excluding us, they’re excluding them too.

“The secrecy – local media was refused entry – is outrageous, but should be no surprise; remember the Elm Road open space and Blackshots sell offs!”

And Mr Kent added: “Another reason they were keeping it secret is probably because they were still talking about more than 30,000 new homes in the Local Plan – a plan that local councillors have not had a chance to discuss yet.

“Tories and top officers are well aware that we in Labour and other opposition councillors will not agree to their plans, but – in secret – they still use it to lure developers in.

“They’re not seeking to develop Thurrock for the good of those of us already here and those to come, they’re trying to sell it off from under our feet.

“They say ‘Thurrock is open for business’ but they mean ‘Thurrock is up for sale’.”


  1. It pains me to agree with someone like you John but I do.

    Something dodgy has gone on. It is anti democratic. anti free press or any press for that matter. Anti free market capitalism as it was not put out to anyone. Anti residents. Anti small and medium sized businesses.
    Anti mom and pup investors.

    When will we find out the terible deals that have been done. What shit interest rates and payback agreements have they done. Will thurrock residents be on the hook for this for 50 years?

    While the very tory councillors who did this deal still be here in 20 years time paying it back? or will they leave for richer grounds after bleeding the borough dry. Any brown envelopes involved?

    Neoliberalism what a wonderful invention.

  2. I have to agree with both John Kent and CTB, so I’m feeling double the pain.

    The death of democracy is alive and well in Thurrock and us minions are treated with blatant contempt.

  3. When Kent, CTB and thurrocksgonedownhill agree that covers all political view points. As we never agree on anything.

    Something dodgy is going on with the Council.

    Wish I knew of the event I could of gone down there and made a deal with the leader to be given £100Trillion for building a few houses. with thurrock taxpyers on the hook for 2000% wonga style annual fee.
    Tax would of been offshore though. only the working class pay taxes.
    I would of donated to the conservative party though. what do you think I am given them the money for. No strings attached..
    Wheres my knighthood. Oh and I want my freedom of the borough. You owe me.
    Too big to jail too big to fail.

    Neoliberalism is the biggest scam in global history. If you are born on this planet you get to see the biggest freek show (Political) in the universe and if you are born in the UK you get a front row seat and if you live in Thurrock you live next to the theater.

  4. […] It’s been revealed that Tory run Thurrock Council held a ‘secret’ meeting with a number of developers at High House, Purfleet on Tuesday September 18th. It appears that the only councillors present were Tories and that the local media were refused entry. See here for the full story: Labour leader slams Thurrock Council over “secret” developers meeting. […]

  5. You are right Rocket.

    There is not a person on the planet who would say this is all sweet and inocent. What massive Debt deals have they sold us the thurrock residents out for.

    Thurrock Council selling Britain out by the pound.

  6. But Rocket, you were only recently backing the council over the bin collections, despite there being a problem with collections week after week….Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

  7. I merely said my bin collections had never been missed,since then they have been missed regularly.times change old boy.


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