Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Hassenbrook Open Evening “busiest ever” as head boy and girl lead the way

NEW in post – head girl and head boy at ORTU Hassenbrook Academy had their work cut out at their first big event this week during their “busiest ever” open evening (Tuesday 25 September).


Bailey Pumfleet 15 from Corringham and Erin Lynas 15 from Tilbury, gave speeches and led tours during the event to around 800 people which moved some audience members to tears.

Headteacher Ms Williams said: “The open evening is a good way for prospective students and their families to come along and learn about our school.

“We’re pleased to see so many new faces interested in joining our Hassenbrook family and look forward to meeting many of them again next year.”

Baily explained how the school hall was packed for the early and late speeches: “It was a big job taking all the students around the school and making sure we didn’t crash into each other. There was just so many people.

Erin explained: “I remember years ago people weren’t too fussed about coming to Hassenbrook but that seems to really have changed now, people seem excited to come to here.

Giving a taste of his speech aspiring film maker, Bailey said: “Something which stood out to me when I joined in year 7 and which still stands out to me now, is how caring everybody here is at Ortu Hassenbrook. If you ever have any problems at school or at home, you can speak to any member of staff who will give up their free time to help you.”

While part-time rugby whizz Erin, said: “Ortu Hassenbrook can really release your passions and potential in different subjects – for me, its art.”

If you are interested in attending Hassenbrook Academy, but were unable to attend the open evening, please get in touch with our office on 01375 671566, who can answer any questions and book school tours.


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