Thursday, April 18, 2024

Patients are to be asked to share GP appointments with up to 14 other people.

PATIENTS are to be asked to share GP appointments with up to 14 other people.

Already undergoing a trial at dozens of surgeries, the NHS scheme is aimed at saving cash and doctors’ time reports the Daily Mail.

Sufferers of long-term conditions – such as diabetes, asthma and arthritis – will be invited to the group sessions to discuss their care.

The two-hour appointments will typically be led by admin staff or healthcare assistants.

Doctors will attend for around an hour to discuss tests and treatments.

Patients will have to sign confidentiality waivers to ensure they do not discuss details of other people’s ailments afterwards.

The conference of the Royal College of GPs was told yesterday the group sessions will be rolled out nationally later this year as part of a new ten-year plan for the NHS.

Doctors admit the plans require ‘a leap of faith’ but say trials have shown that sessions involving up to 15 people are good for patients, save money and spare GPs from having to repeat the same advice over and over.


  1. Great so now we have to share our sensitive medical problem with 14 other people. So the GP can do more for less.

    Why not just post our sensitive medical problem on a facebook group and save the Government/NHS £100 Billion. So GP’s can keep more of there hard earned money.

    This neoliberlaism thing is taking the piss.
    I see a tax cut for the rich coming.

  2. Economic Neoliberalism has gone too far. we spend much less than most of the top nations on the NHS

    US spends per Person $10000
    Germany $5100 we UK $4100. We could improve spending by 20% and be like Germany which has the best healthcare in the world. Or privatise it like the US and all get ripped off. as the US has a worse service than the UK and pays 250% more.

  3. What dickheads said they liked shared appointments? It’s hard enough to get an appointment with your GP anyway without having to wait for 14 other people to phone in for an appointment for the same condition before you’d get one!

    I can bloody well see it now – 15 men bending over with their bare arses in the air waiting for the GP to check their prostates or 15 women laying on their backs, legs akimbo and pantyless waiting for the GP to check them out for vaginal dryness.

    What a sodding asinine idea!

  4. We all know the Health Minister Jackie Doyle Price / Tory government are just trying to run it down as much as possible so it becomes unbarable for the people and they can say I know lets privatise it for you. The prices get jacked up 250% like US healthcare and
    They the MP’s own shares in private healthcare if not receive funding from private healthcare groups.

    Thats all life is nowadays its all about wealth extraction not wealth creeation.


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