Monday, September 25, 2023

Come and uncover Hidden at the Thameside Theatre

HIDDEN  is set on a beach in Hayling Island one cold February day. It’s the story of Alix, a white 14 year-old British girl and Samir, a young Iraqi refugee.


On her way home from school one day she sees a crowd from their school bullying her classmate Samir with racist abuse. “Paki, Taliban, Terrorist,” they shout at him. “Leave him alone. Pick on someone your own size.” Where does this voice come from? Why does she feel the need to defend this boy that she has never spoken to before?

Watch their friendship grow as they encounter a stranger in the sea and faced with making some tough choices between what’s morally right and the rule of law.

Presented by Forest Forge Theatre Company.


Novel by Mirriam Halahmy.

Playscript by Vicky Donoghue.


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