Thurrock Labour leader slams chancellor’s “little extras” comment

Phil Hammond

THE leader of the Thurrock Labour group has slammed the chancellor of the exchequer’s comments in his budget statement when he promised “little extras for schools”.

John Kent said: “The two things that really made me cross were the supposed ending of austerity, and in particular the condescending attitude he used in stating he was offering schools ‘little extras’.

“Schools don’t need little extras, they need teachers, they need teaching assistants, they need books, they need the replacement of the Tories’ £1.7 billion cuts over five years.

In Thurrock our schools will see a combined funding cut of £5.6 million between 2015 – 2020. That’s £230 per pupil.

“Many headteachers have spoken out, teachers too, but parents of school age children must know too.

“This condescending attitude proves the well-off Tories and Chancellor Hammond in particular haven’t a clue what damage their eight years of austerity has had on our schools and our children.”

He said: “The Conservatives fund their campaigns from super rich Tory donors, who then benefit from generous tax breaks, and there were more of them in Monday’s budget.

“The next Labour government will tax the rich and big corporations to end austerity. We will fund our public services properly, the police, the civil service and council’s who provide social care for children and vulnerable adults, we shall build an economy that works for the many, not the few.

“In total contrast to Mr Hammond, we shall ensure that no one is left behind. We won’t just provide the ‘little extras’, we will provide real change.”

4 Responses to "Thurrock Labour leader slams chancellor’s “little extras” comment"

  1. thurrocksgonedownhill   November 6, 2018 at 5:04 pm

    Schools desperately need funding but more so teachers that care.We need an end to parents that see it as no more than a free baby sitting service too. It all went down hill when the cane was abolished.

    But lets no forget Labour’s mismanagement of the economy when they had the reins. Their spend spend policy is exactly why we have to balance the books with austerity.

    Lets not forget who closed Orsett hospital Mr Kent, your pal, Mr Prescott. Oh and Tilbury Hospital for that matter as well. Did Labour care about children’s education when in power…no they didn’t.

  2. Catching the Bus (Ant Auger)   November 6, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    “Their spend spend policy is exactly why we have to balance the books with austerity.”

    We have austerity for the people yet they keep giving billions to banksters each month. The debt is going up and the national debt has doublled in 8 years.

    If they had given austerity to both to the people and banksters we nmight of got somewhere.

    balance the books? mark my words when the interest rate jack up we will be wiped out.

    This is all ideology to me. little to do with what is good for the country. But then we all know this.
    I just wish the Conservative and Labour would just die. They have both fucked up so many times its getting boring.
    But what pisses me off is the idiots that follow them all and big them up.

  3. thurrocksgonedownhill   November 6, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    I agree CTB

    We need serious change and a fairer system for all.

    No parasites, no old boys clubs and a system where common sense prevails.

    And thats just the start

  4. Valen (Myles) Cook   November 9, 2018 at 4:30 am

    Catching the Bus – I’ve argued for a better way to do things politically, without partisan politics at all, but despite my best efforts no one gives a toss about doing anything to actually achieve the change we need. Of course, that’s because there are people out there who are so intractable in their beliefs that they can’t see further than their own interests, so devoid of Humanity that they look down on others who are disadvantaged, so morally and ethically bankrupt that they miss the point of what it is to be a good human being. I pity the intractable people bcause they will never know what it’s like to be the better person they could be if only they had the strength and because they are weak, too weak to realise that they are the problem not the solution.

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