Grays woman pleads guilty to shouting racial abuse in Tilbury

A WOMAN from Grays has pleaded guilty to shouting racial abuse in Tilbury.

Emily Gurnham, aged 21, of Morley Square, Grays was charged with the following.

On 08/10/2018 at Tilbury, without lawful excuse, destroyed a door lock by banging it repeatedly with her arms to the value of £50 belonging to another insulting her calling her a “F…..G ROMANIAN”, intending to destroy or damage such property or being reckless as to whether such property would be destroyed or damaged and the offence was racially aggravated within the terms of section 28 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998

Gurnham was fined £200.00 and made the subject of an electronic curfew as well as had a restraining order put in place.

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