Labour’s parliamentary candidate reflects on Theresa May’s difficult week

John Kent Dementia

LABOUR’S prospective parliamentary candidate, John Kent has reflected Theresa May’s difficult week.

Cllr Kent said: “Well, that was ‘interesting’ the Tory party has decided they support Theresa May as Prime Minister … just!

Wednesday’s Conservative navel gazing took away from parliament’s role of deciding on the country’s future. Instead less than half of all MPs chose to put their own future ahead of the country’s and ours.

How this government could be found in contempt of parliament and then refuse MPs a promised vote beggars belief. How 200 Tories – including our MP – could then support the person leading that government is beyond understanding.

Perhaps it’s not just voting to stay in Parliament, it was voting to keep their job in government, from the Brexit secretary to a junior minister in the Department of Health.
What happened to representative democracy? What we have seems more like self-serving autocracy to me. Despite Theresa May’s victory, it is time for a change.

The Prime Minister has had to promise to step down before any General Election, I’m sorry but how’s that leading the country? If she did that and still more than a third of her ‘friends’ voted for her to go where are we? It’s all me, me, me and not what’s best for the country.

Theresa May came to power in exactly this internal Tory Party way and she failed to win the support of the public when she called a general election.
People should remember that election campaign when the Conservative Partymanaged to alienate many of their traditional supporters, older people and home owners among them.

The so-called experts say the Tories will cling on to power no matter what, once again putting party and self above the nation’s needs.

Mrs May and her Tory Party have mucked up Brexit and in doing so they have ruined the country, putting education, security, the police, then needs of ordinary working people, and the whole NHS on the back-burner.

For the many not the few is not just a catchy phrase, it encapsulates what every Labour MP and every Labour Party member stands for. Not self interest, but the nation’s interest.

Our MP and her colleagues would do well to consider that over the days and weeks to come.

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