Total Gridlock: Long traffic delays in Thurrock

1930 hrs

Traffic is still very bad. We don’t have any updates beyond, the sheer volume of traffic in immediate area. We feel like apologising.

Highways Agency East: “There was an incident at J30 earlier with a shed load but this was cleared just before 4pm. No incidents reported since then. The delays around J30 are down to sheer volume of traffic on all approach roads.

Ensign Buses: “Today is one of the worst traffic issues we’ve ever seen in Thurrock. The various authorities need to be asking why, what went wrong? Does not bode well with all the new houses due to be built within the Lakeside basin over the next few years!

1615 hrs

1545 hrs

AN earlier incident on the M25 is causing major delays on roads in Thurrock. It has had a significant impact on traffic and led to long delays on the M25, A13 and many of the borough’s roads.

Please check your journey in advance and, if possible, use alternative routes.

Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 16.11.08

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