Aveley councillor raises concerns after HGV smashes into pub in High Street.

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AN AVELEY councillor has expressed his anger after a lorry smashed into a pub in his ward.

At the scene Cllr Peter Smith witnessed the damage first hand and remarked it was only some months ago when another HGV wrecked the cellar doors to the Ship on the adjacent corner.

Cllr Peter Smith said: “Today a HGV slammed into the cafe resulting in two large and visible cracks to the building, thankfully no-one was hurt. It remains a very dangerous junction at the best of times and highlights the need for a solution to HGV incursions in Aveley.

“For years the dangers have been growing at the junction of High Street, Ship lane and Stifford Road and in October’s Full Council a petition was presented to Council highlighting these dangers.

“Thurrock Council’s efforts to resolve this matter have been less than satisfactory. The new junction built on Stifford Road is useless because a camera still hasn’t been installed. Completion of this junction is now two years behind schedule.

“I lobbied extremely hard for another junction preventing HGVs from entering the village from Ship Lane. This was designed and now appears to have been kicked into the long grass due to cost cutting.

“The Council have repeatedly reassured us that an agreement was being worked on with Havering to resolve the issues with HGVs on Romford Road. This also hasn’t materialised.

“It’s about time the administration stopped talking and started delivering on the commitments that have been made to Aveley.”

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