Distinctive cherry-picker stolen from South Ockendon

Update: 1500 hrs

The cherry picker has been found.

A message from HW Wilson: “Thanks to the power of Facebook / Social Media / People Sharing and those at YourThurrock, Essex Crime and Stifford Clays Community Forum and other local papers online we are delighted to tell you that the NiftyLift was discovered in Tilbury and has been retrieved”.

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A DISTINCTIVE cherry pickier has been stolen from South Ockendon.

A lime green Niftylift 120 was taken from the grounds of HW Wilson on North Road, South Ockendon late on Wednesday night.

A spokesperson for the construction company said: “Two males cut open our fence and then stole our Niftylift 120 crane.

They were last seen turning into Cruick Avenue, South Ockendon.”

If you have any information, contact us at newsdesk@yourthurrock,com and we will pass it on to HW Wilson.

Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 05.27.05

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