Essex Police looking for volunteers to investigate murders

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SCD Specials recruitment – Could you volunteer your time to help tackle and solve serious crime in Essex? 08/01/2019

Essex Police is launching two new roles within their Special Constabulary where you can volunteer your time to solve serious crimes including murders, stranger rapes and fraud and corruption cases.

You’ll undergo the same training course that all Special Constables complete and will continue your training alongside detectives in our Major Crime Unit and our Serious Economic Crime Unit with our Serious Crime Directorate.

A spokesperson said: “We’re on the lookout for driven, organised and self-motivated individuals who can volunteer for a minimum of 16 hours a month as Special Constables in a volunteer detective type role alongside serving detectives”.

To apply, you’ll need to attend a recruitment event on:

Tuesday, January 15, 6.30pm – Essex Police Sports & Social Club, St Margaret’s road, Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 6DT

Head over to to book your place.

Please note booking is essential and all attendees are asked to bring photographic ID to the event (including guests) and note that bag searches will be taking place when you arrive.

Temporary Detective Superintendent Stephen Jennings from our Serious Crime Directorate said: “Do you want to help investigate the most serious crimes in Essex including murders, attempted murders, stranger rapes and kidnappings? Could you help us investigate complex fraud and corruption cases, money laundering and electoral fraud?

“If so, you could be a great fit for our Major Crime Unit or our Serious Economic Crime Unit. We are looking for people to join our Special Constabulary and work alongside serving detectives to bring justice to some of the most serious criminals in Essex. You’ll help to execute warrants, capture evidence and give crime prevention advice to help us in our fight against crime.

“Come along to our recruitment event to hear more about the role. I will be there to talk to you about the role of a SCD Special, our team can talk you through the recruitment process and we’ll be on hand to take any questions you have.”

Special Constables are volunteer police officers with the same policing powers and uniform as paid police officers who sacrifice their free time to help others. Coming from all walks of life, Specials volunteer their time for a variety of reasons including wanting to put their free time to good use, wanting to help in the communities their families live in and trying the police officer role out before committing full time.

Specials are reimbursed for expenses and a number of employers across the county are part of the Essex Police Employer Supported Policing scheme where an employee is given a certain amount of paid days per year to go on duty in their communities.

In order to join:

• You’ll need to be over 18
• Be a British, Commonwealth, European Economic Area (EEA) citizen or have an indefinite right to stay in the UK
• Have resided in the UK for a continuous period of three years immediately prior to the date of application
• As far as you are aware, be medically able to join the Special Constabulary

More information about eligibility can be found on the Essex Police website:

Once you’ve applied, interviewed and been accepted into the Special Constabulary, there are two initial training courses to choose from:
• The 14 day alternate weekends training course takes place at the Essex Police College every other Saturday and Sunday for 7 weeks.
• The four-week intensive training course takes place at the Essex Police College Monday to Friday for four weeks.

YT Note: Yes, we know that is a photo of Tilbury Police station and it is closed.

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