Brexit: Goods to be waved through Port of Tilbury if “No Deal” goes through

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GOODS shipped to Britain from the EU are to be waved through 20 UK ports including Port of Tilbury without checks in a No Deal to avoid huge jams – HMRC has declared.

In official advice released today, HM Revenue & Customs said that “for a temporary period” it would allow “most” shipments into the country before companies have even informed them they’ve arrived.

Exporters would have just over 24 hours to then fill in an electronic declaration.

The revelation comes just months after HMRC bosses warned the UK’s post-Brexit customs system would not work properly for two years in a No Deal.

HMRC chief John Thompson told MPs last year that the Government would have a choice to make – whether to keep trade moving, ensure security at the border, or collect revenues.

Insiders said it appeared that HMRC had decided it was essential to keep trade moving rather than risk huge queues on the way to ports such as Dover or at Eurotunnel terminals.

Hauliers have been furious at the lack of guidance from HMRC and the Government over how the customs system would work in the event of a No Deal. Today’s “updated guidance” warns that anyone importing into Brexit Britain will have to fill out a customs form before checking goods onto a ferry or train on the EU side.

But it adds: “For a temporary period, HMRC will allow most goods moving from the listed roll on roll off locations to leave the UK port or train station before you’ve told us that the goods have arrived.”

Ferry operators and Eurotunnel have been ordered to have “reasonable belief” customers have made the appropriate customs declarations.

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