Woodside Academy pupils give Amazon Tilbury the thumbs up

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MORE than 200 pupils from schools across Tilbury experienced the new-look, behind the scenes tour at the Amazon fulfilment centre in the town this week.

As part of an expanded tours programme that reaches across the UK from today, Amazon is inviting hundreds of school children to visit its fulfilment centres to see what happens when you click ‘buy’.

Amazon has been running tours in its buildings for the past few years. Due to the success of the programme it is opening more locations from February enabling more customers to come in and experience for themselves what it is like behind the scenes at Amazon.

Pupils from four local schools including Woodside Academy took part in the latest tour of Amazon in Tilbury as part of the expanded tours programme.

On the tour, the boys and girls saw how Amazon stores, picks and packs products that are shipped from Tilbury to customers around the world.

The pupils were welcomed to the building by the site’s new tour guide, Paul Atkins-Barker, who will accompany guests around the fulfilment centre for the tours, which are available to book today, free of charge, at The Amazon fulfilment centre public tours are available to anyone over the age of six.

One of the pupils on the new tour of Amazon in Tilbury said: “It was so cool to go to Amazon! I loved seeing all the different things on the shelves, boxes, and miles of conveyor belts and it was brilliant to go with my class for the special tour.”

During the tour, pupils and teachers met Amazon’s Tilbury General Manager Prajvin Prakash. He said: “We’re really proud of our team here at Amazon in Tilbury and it’s a pleasure to welcome pupils and teachers into our building so they can see what happens every day when you click ‘buy’. We’ve loved having the boys and girls from the local schools in for a visit and we’re looking forward to welcoming customers and anyone who is interested in seeing what it is like inside an Amazon fulfilment centre to book a tour with us over the coming months.”

Mr Carl Radford from Woodside Academy added: “We’ve really enjoyed our tour of Amazon in Tilbury and the pupils found it both educational and fun. The size of the building, and the technology used by the team really caught the imagination of our pupils and I’d like to thank everyone at Amazon in Tilbury for welcoming us into their site.”

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