Grays salon owner offers free wax for smear test goers

Free Wax for Smear Test Goers

BEAUTY Therapist and owner of Grays-based Salon, The Rectory, Shelley Jackson, 36, Grays, is offering free bikini waxes to women who are booked in for a smear test.

A smear test also known as cervical screening, checks the health of cells in a women’s cervix – potentially detecting abnormalities which can lead to serious medical issues.

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The NHS recommends women aged between 25 and 49 getting checked every three years and those aged between 50 to 65 receiving a check every five years. But new data suggests that thousands of women aren’t taking up the test.

Shelley is keen to help provide a service which might encourage more women to take up the test and said: “I heard on the news that the rates for getting tested are the lowest they’ve been for 20 years.

“I know that by providing this service, it won’t miraculously make everybody go and take their test, but it might encourage some who are anxious or embarrassed by the procedure to pluck up the courage and go get checked. Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to making sure you’re healthy so we’re happy to help out for free, providing you can prove you have an upcoming test booked!”

To book an appointment, call The Rectory on 07734 562015.

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