Injunction prevents further development on Buckles Lane Traveller site

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THURROCK Council has successfully secured another court injunction preventing unauthorised development of the Buckles Lane Traveller site in South Ockendon.

The council has made it clear that it will not tolerate any unauthorised development in Thurrock.

An injunction was served in June 2018 to prevent expansion of the Buckles Lane site and there have been no breaches of that court order.

Following reports and investigations into further unauthorised development on another piece of land in the area, the council has now served a further injunction.

The council will continue to monitor the situation closely and is ready to take robust enforcement action if necessary.

Following recent flooding in Buckles Lane, the council is also taking robust action to help resolve the problem.

It has been established that the flooding is a result of homes on the site reclaiming additional land and obstructing the drainage, which is preventing rainwater from draining from the road into the ditch as it should. The matter has been raised with the site owner, along with a request to keep the drainage unobstructed, however the site and road remain flooded.

Planning enforcement has now started, but may take some time and does not resolve the immediate flooding issues.

Keeping the outfall ditch clear is the responsibility of the land owner. In order to clear the road and surrounding areas of flooding, pumping of surface water took place. However, while the drainage is blocked, water will continue to accumulate.

A pump has been put in place to remove the standing water and a scheme is being developed to remove the reliance on the water course on the site and prevent the risk of further flooding in the future.

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