Residents advised to get passports renewed over No-Deal Brexit

UP to 3.5million people were today warned to submit their passport renewal by tomorrow to guarantee they can travel in Europe in the event of a no-deal Brexit at the end of the month reports the Daily Mail.

If the UK crashes out of the EU on March 29, everyone will need at least six months left on their passport from the date they arrive on the continent.

Without it, this will mean they could be stopped from travelling or turned back at the border of EU countries including France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy.

The consumer group Which? says this is because Schengen rules require that passports must have at least six months validity on their passport on the day of travel, which relates to around 2million Britons.

But it says this problem has been exacerbated because of recent revelations from the Government that a further 1.5million passport holders with up to 15 months validity could also be turned away.

This group of 3.5million passport holders are being told to renew by the end of Friday to give them a fighting chance of receiving a new one by March 29.

The Passport Office is expected to be inundated with applications from panicked Britons fearing their travel could be disrupted.

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