MP Jackie Doyle-Price opens new plant in Grays

EUROVIA has launched a new, highly automated production plant in Grayswhich aims to produce materials that prolong the life of highway assets and cut transportation costs.

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The firm said the plant is the most automated polymer modified bitumen and emulsion plant in Europe and, at £7m, is the biggest ever single capital expenditure project by Eurovia UK.

Local MP Jackie Doyle-Price officially opened PolyBitumens, which will produce Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) and polymer modified emulsions for high performance surface treatments.

In a video message, roads minister Jesse Norman hailed PolyBitumens as ‘exactly the kind of investment we need in this really strategic industry for our country’.

He added: ‘The idea that it’s going to be producing a road surface that is more resilient, quieter, harder wearing and more durable for our drivers and for road users, and for our infrastructure creators around the country is better still.’

Eurovia UK chief executive Scott Wardrop said: ‘This facility will enable us to utilise innovative processes from the US and Europe, along with our own UK R&D, to deliver more effective, sustainable and whole-life pavement solutions for our highway improvement and reconstruction projects in the UK.

‘This investment is part of our ongoing commitment to delivering excellent highway services, by local people, for local people. It is further evidence of the way that we differentiate ourselves by innovation through our services.’

Eurovia said the plant has been developed using internationally recognised, innovative processes and the technical expertise of laboratory Jean Lefebvre (UK). It uses Lean, ‘white factory’ processes to improve efficiency and product quality, while maximising digital ordering and logistics to support ‘just-in-time’ delivery.

It said that safety has been the most important consideration in the design of the facility and that while this type of plant traditionally uses dirty and dangerous processes, by using automation, PolyBitumens provides a pleasant working environment that segregates people and machines, limiting the exposure of employees to potential hazards.

By producing materials in Thurrock to be used on road improvement schemes in southern England, the Home Counties and London Eurovia aims to reduce its dependency on the long-distance transportation of PMB and emulsion products from plants in the North West and save an estimated 470,000 vehicles miles each year.

8 Responses to "MP Jackie Doyle-Price opens new plant in Grays"

  1. Catching the Bus (Ant Auger)   March 14, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    I welcome this kind of commercial idea.

    “He added: ‘The idea that it’s going to be producing a road surface that is more resilient, quieter, harder wearing and more durable for our drivers and for road users, and for our infrastructure creators around the country is better still.’”

    Anything that improves the road so they last longer and don’t need pot hole repairs is warmly welcomed it will save Business, Car owners and Highways/Councils.
    A hell of a lot of money on Insurance and road repairs.
    Which may inturn lower Haulage and peoples car insurance and our council tax.

  2. Valen (Myles) Cook   March 14, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    When I read the headline “MP Jackie Doyle-Price opens new plant in Grays” I thought that she’d converted another gullible person into another Tory voter.

  3. Lambo   March 15, 2019 at 9:56 am

    Unfortunatley Valen I think you will find that all the gullible persons are already with Labour 🙂

  4. Valen (Myles) Cook   March 15, 2019 at 4:46 pm

    Lambo – You’re absolutely right. Thank you for correcting me. I should have said “another ignorant moron into a another Tory voter”. So sorry, I won’t make that mistake again.

  5. Catching the Bus (Ant Auger)   March 15, 2019 at 5:14 pm

    I give you credit you and TGDH are relentless. I like the come backs.

    I think both of you Valen and Lambo are wrong on this one and both Labour and the Tories have done more harm to democracy over the last 40 years than any other cause it is politicians themselves that have cause the political distrust in politicians. From Iraq WMD, MP’s expenses, lobbying, jobs for the boys.
    Just to name a few.

    It is a pity that someone like Thurrock Independents or any other party have not got there act together because the country is crying out for some one to take the crown
    from the two old parties who lack inovation. and keep throwing shit at each other. While neither has the long term economic plan. with the economy crashing every ten years or so. 1973, 1987.1992. 2008.

    We need a long term sustainable plan and stop the shit throwing at each other.

    And a new approach. Because politics is turning nasty. So much so that I dont even watch the TV media now. Because it no longer gives news but spin and opinion. So much so that ratings are dropping and newspaper circulation is dropping.

    I think we need a new approach.

  6. thurrocksgonedownhill   March 16, 2019 at 8:43 am

    Hang on Ant my friend – why you dragging me into this thread????

    It does highlight Mr Cooks abuse of people again, surely you should be concentrating on that.

    I do agree, Labour & the Tories have destroyed the country, We are so in need a new fairer, more transparent main party.

  7. Catching the Bus (Ant Auger)   March 16, 2019 at 10:20 am

    Well I was commenting on both your funny comebacks. because some of them are funny. Not attacking eithe of you on that one. It’s just both you and Valen tend to be good at joke comebacks and I made that reference. That was Not an attack that was the opposite. But I would not of mentioned you or valen in a thread you were not in if it was a criticism because thats not fair.

    “surely you should be concentrating on that.”
    I’ve just replied to yours.

    “I do agree, Labour & the Tories have destroyed the country, We are so in need a new fairer, more transparent main party.”

    Yeap. I do wish someone like the Thurrock Independents or others get there act together because they could win a massive landslide.
    But we need to get out of economic neoliberalism and go to capitalism. Because boom bust is bad and very dangerous.

  8. Valen (Myles) Cook   March 16, 2019 at 8:06 pm

    thurrocksgonedownhill – “It does highlight Mr Cooks abuse of people again”.

    I made a quip about Tories. It’s not abuse but, even if it were, let’s look at some of your recent abuse:

    “I guess that’s parasitic Labour voters for you.” – An attack you made after I pointed out that Tory cuts have caused the increase in crime and that the situation won’t improve under the Tories. I’m assuming you were attacking me but you attacked all Labour voters with that one too.

    “Blinkered Labour voters for you I guess.” – An attack on Labour voters on the same subject as the above attack I mentioned.

    “parasites that claim benefits claiming to be unfit for work” – An attack on disability benefit claimants on a story about school cuts.

    “Mental health is the new “bad back” and they know it” – An attack on people with mental health issues that are bad enough to prevent them working. (On the same school cuts story.)

    I could go on but that would be over-egging the pudding somewhat.

    You apply double standards when it comes to attacking people. It’s OK for you to do so but not for anyone else. You’re pathetic.

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