Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Community work paves the road to success on Frost Estate in Corringham

JUST a couple of years ago, Giffards Cross Avenue and Central Avenue were virtually impassable and the community on this private estate was as fractured as it’s roads.

Broken concrete and deep puddles put cars and pedestrians at risk of damage and injury, but there are now properly restored roads for many sections of the Frost Estate that will last for years. The latest improvements have been well served by the contractor Acura Construction, keeping disruptions to a minimum during the works.

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Councillor Deb Huelin, portfolio holder for communities said “This is a great example of how the Community Environment Development Fund can improve the area we live in and bring a community together.

“I remember the arguments between neighbours that lack of funds and differing opinions on how to fix the roads caused. Eventually a group of Frost Estate residents came together, resolved their differences, rolled their sleeves up and worked 1000s of hours voluntarily to seek improvements for all. It’s been good to hear positive comments from residents and see how local community spirit has been greatly improved.”

Cllr Aaron Watkins added “It’s fantastic to see children, mobility scooters and cyclists traverse the estate safely, where once it would have been impossible to pass.”


  1. Translation = taxpayers money used to repair a privately owned road.

    Question = when it next needs repairing will the owners of the road (the householders) pay for the repairs or will they expect the taxpayer to repair their privately owned road again?


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