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Free ADHD training for local schools


Free ADHD training for local schools

The ADHD Foundation will be hosting a free training course at the Beehive Centre in Grays on Friday 12 July open to teachers, teaching assistants, sencos or any education professional who work with children with ADHD of any age in the local Thurrock area.

The training will cover:

What ADHD is and what it is not

The science behind ADHD and evidence

Teaching and learning strategies to improve academic attainment and exam performance

Why ADHD is not an excuse for underachievement or poor behaviour – and behaviour management strategies

Comorbidities – ADHD rarely appears on its own

ADHD and mental health

Working with parents

Places can be booked here

Despite ADHD affecting one in 20 children and adults, many of whom remain without a diagnosis, there is no compulsory training for teachers on this condition; yet there is likely to be at least one child with ADHD in every classroom. ADHD children have 100 times greater risk of permanent exclusion and on average those with undiagnosed ADHD are likely to drop out of school several years earlier than their peers.

However, children with ADHD are typically quick-witted, intelligent, enthusiastic and very creative. Entrepreneur Richard Branson, actors Emma Watson and Will Smith, comedians Rory Bremner and Russel Howard, Olympians Michael Phelps and Lewis Smith, Chef Jamie Oliver and Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton all have ADHD, with many attributing it directly to their success.

This training was funded by a local parent Claire Jones, whose 10-year-old son has an ADHD diagnosis, she swam 14km in the Thames in August 2018, raising more than £3,000. Claire also secured an additional grant from Thurrock CVS who will host the training at their offices.

Claire said “ADHD is a condition that is so often misunderstood, and we owe it to our children and our teachers to ensure the correct support and knowledge is in place. I am excited that all schools in Thurrock will get the chance to benefit from this training and it would be fantastic if parents could make their local school aware of the training and encourage participation. It will benefit so many.”

Claire also wrote a blog on Thurrock’s Forgotten Children



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