Sunday, January 29, 2023

Ward by Ward: Belhus


IT DOESN’T seem so long ago that this was a sea of UKIP purple. Back in 2014, UKIP won by 405 votes. Those days are gone as was evidenced by Labour regaining the seat last May.

Even the Belhus councillor who was UKIP, then changed to the Thurrock Independents, Graham Hamilton, has gone to try and win Chafford Hundred.

Once agin, we will wonder if the turnout will be low? Will people really turn away from the ballot box? You get the feeling that if The Brexit Party had stood candidates in local election areas such as Thurrock they could have swept the board.

You imagine that crime will be high on the agenda as the South Ockendon area does appear to be very badly hit. However, there may also be voters who are sick and tired of politics.

Perhaps, the Thurrock Independents can be identified as the party of protest. Chris Baker was a UKIPP councillor and there is a theory that as much as they have distanced themselves forth UKIP brand they may now want to remind people of their “alternative attraction”.

Having said that, cllr Mike Fletcher has done a lot of work since being elected in 2018. Labour’s candidate Lee Watson has also put in a lot of hard yards in the hard and on the campaign trail as a loyal foot soldier.

The Conservative candidate Romanus Nwakuna did not set the world on fire trying to win Ockendon and we can’t see him causing any surprises here.

There is a new party standing in Belhus called the British Union & Sovereignty

A spokesperson said: “For many years now Britain has been shutting down under the Labour and Conservative parties, and nowhere is that more evident than in local government. Nowadays council tax only ever goes up but local services continue to face cuts and closure. David Bradshaw, our candidate for Belhus Ward, will be campaigning to retain services at Orsett Hospital which has already been hit with partial closure.

It’s not fair to expect people to travel to Basildon or Broomfield hospitals; it can take several bus journeys which can be very difficult for the elderly and infirm.

“While this goes on at the local level we are paying billions every year to Brussels, and now May wants to make us a colony of the EU. We support getting out the EU and rebuilding our country: Sovereign, Industrial, United, Democratic and Functional; like the Britain that we used to know”.


Chris Baker (Thurrock Independents)
Dave Bradshaw (British Unionist and Sovereignty Party)
Romanus Nwakuna (Conservative)
Lee Watson (Labour)

YT Prediction: Lab Gain

Mike Fletcher (Lab) 828
Chris Baker (Thurrock Independents): 667
Georgette Polley (Cons) 399

Maj: 163


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