Letter to Editor: Disappointment over MP Jackie Doyle-Price’s comments on Purfleet

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Dear Editor,

I was disappointed to read Jackie Doyle-Price’s last-minute attack on the regeneration of Purfleet last Thursday, just seven days before the plans go to planning committee. The planning application was submitted 16 months ago, so why leave it till the last minute to comment?

Our MP’s desire to keep logistics, i.e. HGV’s in the heart of Purfleet is very strange. Why would you want to keep polluting HGV’s in the centre of a new town? One very good reason why not – in 2020 the London ULEZ zone for lorries will move closer towards Thurrock. Older polluting HGV’s will no longer be welcome in London unless they pay a £100 a day fine.

Next stop for them is Purfleet. Do we really want them in our centre? West Thurrock is already logistic rich and growing. The problems and frequent grid lock on our roads testify to that. Many of the 400 workers in the quarry our MP was concerned about will transfer with the businesses when they relocate. There will be additional job opportunities for them at the growing Purfleet Business Park and the new Segro Business Park, ideal located next to the A13. In these two sites alone, there will be over 1000 new job opportunities. JDP- “Those businesses at Botany way have been blighted for ten years”. Purfleet has been blighted by business for nearly one hundred years with absolutely no infrastructure for the existing residents over this period.

The site of C.Ro Ports in Purfleet is similar in size to the Purfleet Regeneration site. In 2017 when their planning application was presented to the planning committee Cllr Gerard Rice said in his view the planning committee had a duty to protect residents and employment opportunities within Thurrock. The number of jobs he was talking about was just over 200. Purfleet Regeneration are offering over 2600. To replace logistics in the quarry will be a film and media studio and other businesses. Even if only half of the planned 2600 jobs materialise there will still be 900 more jobs than there are now, plus many construction jobs, for many years whilst building the development. Based on Cllr Rice’s comments this application must go ahead.

Another important factor that appears to have been forgotten is the quarry will not just house a film & media studio there will be over 1000 new homes built there. JDP- “I really do want to see the construction of new homes in Purfleet. We desperately need them”.

JDP- “And I want to see investment in to make Purfleet a pleasant place to live and visit”. Why has our MP not supported the Housing Infrastructure Application to kickstart the regeneration, that is so desperately needed?

The plans for Purfleet-on-Thames are refreshing. One look at them shows it will be a ‘pleasant’ place to live and a place people will want to visit. This is great for Thurrock, even better for Purfleet. Let us hope the planners listen to the residents of Purfleet and act in favour on Thursday, rather than one ex resident…….our MP. I say again Purfleet has been in the dark ages for nearly one hundred years blighted by industry. This inspirational development is just what the borough needs. A no vote for the development will set Purfleet back in the dark ages for decades to come!


Trevor Batchelor

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