Sunday, January 29, 2023

Thurrock libraries presented with books in South Indian language

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“NAVSAMAJDARPAN” UK-based social, cultural and voluntary organisation launched one of the South Indian language called “Telugu” kindergarten literature books for public use purposes through public libraries in the United Kingdom for free.

Primarily, they are targeting Thurrock libraries and hope to expand all over the UK where the majority Telugu people live.

A spokesperson said: “NSD found that after keen observation, there are no facilities to learn the Telugu language in the United Kingdom even though libraries are allowing community’s books for public usage purposes.

“We are from NSD, decided to keep alive Telugu language for younger and future generations of NRI’s in the UK voluntarily. Our organisation is creating a new resource to learn where there is no facility ever before. With this service, Telugu families will get the benefit and it will be a proud moment when the younger and future generations learning through this facility.

As part of this programme, at Grays library, NSD Founder & Director Mr Srikanth Panjala presented Telugu kindergarten books to Rosalyn Jones Thurrock Libraries Services Manager as sample copies up to 24 books. Mrs Jones assured that Telugu books will be displayed for public use purpose in couple of days’ time once completion of coding references to the Telugu literature books.

Panjala mentioned many thanks to R Jones for accepting NSD request at first instance for public usage purposes and inform to her that another 70 plus Telugu books will be deliver by the middle of next month.


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