Thurrock Council bring in high-tech to repair borough’s potholes

A SPECIAL high-tech and high-speed pothole repair team has been brought in to work on roads across Thurrock for a third year.

The team from Velocity, the company which pioneered this technology to repair and fill road defects, use high-powered jets to clear potholes, seal them and then fill them in.

They will be working on 39 roads in Thurrock for three weeks, during which time they will fill hundreds of potholes.

The technique repairs potholes in just two minutes and leaves the road surface ready for traffic immediately, meaning no roads will have to be closed to carry out these repairs.

Velocity Patching in Thurrock from TenSixTwo on Vimeo.

As well as the speed of repair and convenience of keeping the road open to traffic, jet patching represents a significant cost saving for each defect repaired.

Cllr Aaron Watkins, portfolio holder for Environment and Highways, said: “By bringing in this technology the Council will be able to get potholes repaired and filled throughout Thurrock, all in a very short space of time.

“The Council knows that potholes are an important issue for our residents and by taking advantage of jet patching techniques we can quickly and efficiently make a significant impact on the number of potholes in our roads. This is yet another example of Thurrock Council investing in our road network and in improving the borough’s environment.”

A video showing the jet patching team at work in Thurrock can be seen at:

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