Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Thurrock Independents flock to see Nigel Farage

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THE LEADER of Brexit Party, Nigel Farage visited Thurrock today as part of a bus tour down the south coast of Essex.

He visited Derwent Parade in South Ockendon, a favourite haunt of his when he was the leader of UKIP.

Mr Farage was joined by many councillors and members of the Thurrock Independent Party who looked enthused to be once walking side by side with their idol as they did when they were all in UKIP.

A number then joined him on top of the Brexit bus on the way to Southend.

One of the Brexit Party candidates for the East of England, Michael Heaver was a Ukip candidate for Grays Riverside a few years ago.

Farage and his entourage were well received by residents.


  1. Cue another name change for the Thurrock Independents to The Brexit Party then because, as we are all very much aware, The Brexit Party is merely UKIP without the association with arch-racist Tommy Robinson that made Thurrock’s UKIPers want to disassociate themselves from UKIP in the first place. Thurrock Independents can now reassociate themselves with Farage and the slightly less racist Brexit Party. It’ll be like nothing has changed. Probably because nothing has changed.


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