Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Griffin Estate Agents give £500 to Thurrock Foodbank

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A POPULAR Grays estate agent has made a donation to the Thurrock Foodbank.

Griffin Estate Agent based on Orsett Road in Grays invited the charity to their offices recently.

The Griffin Foundation gave Thurrock Foodbank five hundred pounds.

A spokesman for Thurrock Foodbank said: “Thank you to The Griffin Foundation for their kind donation of £500.

“This will pay for the petrol in our van for the next six months.”


  1. Well done Griffin, perhaps the idiots at HAART estate agents would like to do the same, they could fund it by stopping the unwanted mailshots they keep posting to my address (& I’m sure many others) despite the fact that I’m registered with the mail preference service!

  2. I am all for helping the elderly with provisions etc but when you see food banks giving food to benefit claimants with £700 mobile phones in one hand and a pack of cigarettes in the other it is time to re think food bank donations.


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