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Record numbers at Thurrock parkrun

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OVER 150 runners took part in the Thurrock park run. On a lovely June morning, 155 runners, joggers, walkers completed the 5k course on Orsett Heath.

Here is the weekly report by the Thurrock parkrun team.

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Welcome to this week’s run report and it’s just my luck to volunteer for this job when we have a record-breaking attendance of 155 (1 more than the attendance of 154 from Parkrun number 169 on 12th January 2019 – incase you were wondering!), although how many of this number will actually read this is, I guess, open for debate.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been helping Peter with the task of set-up and I have discovered a lot of little things about the course we complete each week that, while running it, I had not really noticed. For example, how many of you have spotted that each corner (or pair of corners at Laura’s Corner where Reg stands guard) has a different set of coloured cones (there’s yellow, green, red and blue) and that the cones are the same colour in the same place week after week? How many of you have spotted the arrow that hangs on the tree just before the finish? What about the oak tree that lines up with 3K marker off to the left? At one point, it felt like a would need a protractor to get the angle of the white cones into the finish funnel spot on! Peter is very particular about our course as you may starting to realise. One final thing I’ve realised is that you are open for accusations of cheating if you help with set-up and then dare to get a PB – my positioning of cones was greatly scrutinised this week!

So to today’s run and, as regulars to the heath will know, the usual topic of conversation before we all set off is usually linked to which part of the course we’ll all turn onto before we encounter the wind that always seems to feature on our weekly Parkrun. However, with the sun beaming down, it was the heat that was causing the debate and it sure made for a challenging run, but what an effort everyone put in and a quick look down the results list showed that there were still plenty of PBs.

At the end, there were a lot of people wisely heading straight to the shade of the start tree which created a good atmosphere for the finishers that followed who had a good crowd to cheer them across the finish line. If you were one of the many first timers, then I hope, despite the heat, you caught the Parkrun bug and I’m sure that next week we’ll all be back to wondering where that wind will meet us out on the course.


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