Sunday, January 29, 2023

Thurrock Labour’s alarm over council’s development strategy

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THURROCK Labour has expressed serious concerns over the way Thurrock Council’s development arm, Thurrock Regeneration Ltd (TRL) is being run.

Regarding recent controversy with TRL in Grays, Cllr Martin Kerin has said: “Thurrock Labour has very grave concerns about the direction of TRL. I have seen it close up in my own ward of Grays Riverside with the mishandling of the Belmont Development.”

Continuing, he said: “The engagement and consultation with my residents on Parker, Belmont, Castle, Roseberry and London Road has been particularly shameful. Because of TRL’s mishandling, my residents are none the wiser as to the direction of the development on their own doorsteps.”

Rather than becoming more detached from the Council, Thurrock Labour believe that the ‘Belmont Debacle’ shows that TRL should not be acting like a private developer, but engaging meaningfully with local residents. TRL was set up to provide more low cost and affordable housing options for Thurrock residents, whilst helping improve the surrounding area – hand in hand with local people. Thurrock Labour fear TRL is in danger of losing sight of its founding principles.

Adding to this, Cllr Kerin stated: “Under Labour, TRL would put existing communities first and work with them to ensure development projects add to, rather than take away, from their neighbourhood.”


  1. This site would not be any different under Labour so stop trying to make political gain from it.

    You want Council houses…don’t you.

  2. they seem to be trying to bully the local residents into submission.residents have rights over their own property.

  3. Development of this area should never been allowed. The infrastructure is just not in place to cope in this instance.
    That said it is the same case in most of Thurrock- the borough of gridlock.


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