Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Thurrock resident invited as guest speaker on mental health challenges

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A THURROCK resident has been invited as a guest speaker in Southend to talk about the mental health challenges

Thandiwe Khumalo, who lives in Tilbury, was invited as the guest speaker after she revealed that in her experience working in mental health for over a decade mental health issues cannot be underestimated.

Thandiwe said: “Poverty and mental health are closely linked and mental health problems are common amongst people from economically deprived backgrounds.

“The service cuts are not helping in tackling the challenge we have and providing more effective intervention during this period would help prevent mental health problems early in life including providing opportunities for education and employment.

“The event in Southend on the 15th June will have community leaders from across the United Kingdom highlighting the urgent need to tackle the mental health issues , as part of the 10 years Global Mental health anniversary and also fundraise for a hospital in Zambia.


  1. Mr Cook,
    It is more than likely there will be a speaker at this event who has/still suffers with mental health issues. Your problem is that person is not you and in your egotistical opinion the meeting will, as you are so fond of telling us, be devalued as a consequence of being deprived of your “expert and superior” knowledge and experience of mental health problems.

    To pre-empt your predictable rant that I “owe you an apology”. Unlike you, I politely asked you to desist from using my blogs as a means of waging verbal “warfare” with other commentators. Let me make it clear, I have no intention of tendering you an apology as I believe I have nothing to apologise for.

  2. “I politely asked you to desist from using my blogs as a means of waging verbal “warfare” with other commentators.”

    Pater Perrin
    You did that in your own BLOG with myself. Catching the Bus, Thurrocksgonedownhill, Valen, and Bignoise.
    In your very own article.

  3. From your own blog.

    “This item is addressed to those who post comments on articles and blogs, specifically “thurrocksgonedownhill”, “big noise”, “Catching the Bus” and Valen (Myles) Cook.

    Gentlemen, I presume you are all men, will you promise that you will no longer use other peoples articles or blogs to conduct a personal war between yourselves.”

    And you did that in this article Peter starting that very thing on this page.

    I give up with you lot.

  4. asshole?

    Have you gone all Texas Pete on us.
    Have you and your American Wife been watching the Dallas Dolphins and San Francisco
    69’ers too much?

    I watch the 69’ers but not for the American football. By the way where do they park there motor bikes in the carpark. They really should take those helmets off.

  5. Mr Perrin, you are a nasty piece of work, aren’t you? Valen makes a valid point and you make an unprovoked personal attack on him. You do realise that you have just done exactly what you accused Valen and the rest of doing. You started a war with Valen on an article that isn’t your own work. Hardly the behaviour you’d expect from a senior citizen. Shame on you.

  6. I note all of Valens posts have been deleted except 1st. Which has screwed up the timeline. Thus making it look like Valen is unable to defend himself against an unprovoked attack by Perrin.

    I am one for how the timeline read is how it happened in order.
    Now anything past or present or future can be deleted. Thus any outcome desired can be portrayed against any poster Perrin/Casey wish.

    This thread really reads bad against Valen I am shocked Casey has done it. It makes Valen look a total pussy snowflake. Who won’t stand up for himself.

    Valen has posted he has had problems posting for a few months now. and now his posts are being deleted to make Perrin look good on an attack Perrin started.

    I’ve been thinking and I reckon it was Valen saying he might take defamation against Perrin that Perrin got casey to remove the posts on. It clearly shows both have no respect for the rule of law. tamprring with evidence.

    I use to think Valen was in the cloud cookoo land thinking he was percecuted against. I now think enough things have happened to have some evidence that this might be the case and valen was right all along.

  7. What’s going on? Mr Perrin launches an unprovoked attack on Valen and it’s Valen’s responses that are deleted?

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