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Festival Leisure launch school promotion to celebrate Basildon New Town’s 70th Anniversary

Festival Leisure launch school promotion to celebrate Basildon New Town’s 70th Anniversary

To celebrate Basildon New Town’s 70th anniversary, Festival Leisure Park has launched their ‘Festival in 70 years’ time’ school campaign.

To mark this significant milestone, Festival Leisure Park is working in conjunction with Basildon Council inviting local Primary Schools and their pupils to take part.

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The ‘Festival in 70 years’ time’ campaign, will see the popular Leisure destination ask Primary School pupils what entertainment they think Festival Leisure Park will have in 70 years’ time, inviting children submit their thoughts in either a creative piece or poem in no more than 70 words.

As part of the campaign, Festival Leisure Park will be running a competition, seeing each school that enters receive £70*, with the winning entry receiving a £1000 cheque for their school – personally delivered by the Mayor and representatives from Festival Leisure Park and Basildon Council.

Entries for the ‘Festival in 70 years’ time competition are now open and can be posted to Festival leisure or emailed to Entries must be received by Friday 28th June.

Once received, all entries will be shortlisted into the top 10. Judges from Festival Leisure Park and Basildon Council will then have the tough task on choosing a winner.

Matthew Chambers, Centre Manager of Festival Leisure Park said: “We’re delighted to be running our ‘Festival in 70 years’ time’ campaign and it’s great to be able to work alongside Basildon Council to help celebrate Basildon New Town’s 70th Anniversary. We wanted to be able to give something back to the local community and the future generations, schools who enter the competition will receive £70 with the wining child’s creative piece receiving £1000 for their Primary school.”

Scott Logan, Chief Executive of Basildon Council, added: “This year is more than just celebrating 70 years of Basildon New Town, it’s also the perfect opportunity for us all to look to the future and help shape the development of Basildon. One of the great things about the 70th anniversary celebrations is how it is capturing imaginations and how so many different pockets of our community are keen to get involved. This is a great initiative from the Festival Leisure Park and the Echo and I can’t wait to see our future generations’ visions of Basildon’s future.”


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