Monday, February 6, 2023

New homes rejected due to overdevelopment in Homesteads

By Local Democracy Reporter
Steve Shaw

TWO proposals to build in the Homesteads ward have been thrown out by councillors due to significant overdevelopment.

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The two applications were refused planning permission on Thursday night after receiving strong opposition from councillors who saw them as attempts to “shoehorn” extra homes into the area.

The first proposed building five properties on the plot of a single large bungalow on Branksome Avenue and the second was for nine flats on Third Avenue.

Councillor James Halden, who represents the wards, told the planning committee that both of the developments were contrary to planning policies and “harmful” to the area.

Speaking of the proposal on Third Avenue, he said: “Officers have referred to this application as having significant adverse impact on the identified character of the area, possessing size and design which overly dominates and possessing congruous features which would be harmful to the street scene resulting in limited outlook and privacy for another plots in the local area.”

An agent speaking in support of the Third Avenue development said the objections were “disappointing” because the council’s planning officers had said in a report that there are no issues with the appearance of the development, the levels of privacy or the quality of the homes.

He explained that six of the properties would be set back from the road and would not be immediately visible. There would also be “significant” space between each of them indicating that the area is not overdeveloped.

When it came to a vote, all members of the planning committee agreed to refuse planning permission.


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