Monday, January 30, 2023

Morrisons in Grays launches beer cheese

MORRISONS is launching an exclusive beer cheese to celebrate International Beer Day.

Created in 1962 by Ken Seaton, Ilchester Cheese is widely considered the first-ever alcohol infused cheese. The landlord of Ilchester Arms in Somerset, Mr Seaton’s regular customers would often dip his homemade cheddar into their fine English ales for a fuller and richer flavour. The unique taste attracted the attention of a visiting buyer from Harrods and the first-ever beer cheese was born.

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When it launched, it caused such an outrage that 10 million teetotallers boycotted it – even though they’d need to eat over of 9 kilograms of cheese to consume the equivalent of a pint.

Morrisons Cheese Buyer, Dan Barrett, said: “Customers have told us they like to try new flavours, so we are offering them a product which combines two of the nation’s favourites – ale and cheddar.”

The Ilchester Beer Cheese is available exclusively at Morrisons Deli Counters from today and will cost around £7.04 per kilogram – that’s about £4 a pint.


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