Saturday, October 1, 2022

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price calls on Minister to change crossing route

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price has asked the new Transport Secretary to reconsider the route of the Lower Thames Crossing, currently planned to drive through Orsett and the green belt reports the Thurrock Independent.

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Ms Doyle-Price has called on minister Grant Shapps to revisit the route as it is believed that the detailed planning has added more cost to the project.

In view of the additional expense the MP has called on the Government to think again. She says: “It is not too late to change aspects of this route and I am writing to state that Highways England should think again and redesign the crossing based on the Route 4 option rather than the existing Route 3.”

The route 4 option would see the new road to link to the A127 joining the M25 at Junction 29, rather than via a new junction. During the consultation respondents from Thurrock favoured this route over the alternatives but their views were overwhelmed by the national nature of the consultation which endorsed Highways England’s preferred route.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “Given that it is the people of Thurrock who will have to deal with the consequences of this new crossing, I do not believe that due weight has been paid to the preferences of respondents in Thurrock.

“All people who work, live or employ people in Thurrock should be advantaged by this new crossing. Under the present design they are not. Given that Highways England are to bring forward further consultation I would respectfully suggest that a fundamental rethink should take place, not least given the increased financial cost demanded by the existing scheme.”


  1. It shouldn’t be in Thurrock at all. The pollution in this area is already appalling and one of the worst in the country. There has only to be one incident on the highway near by and the whole area comes to a standstill. I understand Highways England based their survey on traffic in 2005! How stupid it that. My husband and I have lived in Thurrock for nearly 60 years. Sadly my husband, a non smoker, suffers from lung cancer as do many hundreds in this area. The crossing should be further down the Thames to join up with the A130 and leave this already over congested area alone.

  2. Classic Nimby comment without substance.

    I agree pollution is an issue in Thurrock but all you want to do is opt for the problem to be pushed onto someone else bopeep when the A130 option is totally nonviable.

    Maybe if we didn’t let so many migrants in the country we would have less cars and no need for another crossing…have you thought about that.


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