Mr Perrin’s Blog: Cllr Kerin and the Referendum

Peter Perrin

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IN response to Cllr Martin Kerin’s article in which he makes a case for a confirmatory “final say” referendum with regard to Brexit.

Casting my mind back to the “summer days” of 2016 I recall that the referendum was a simple yes/no vote to either remain a member of the EU or leave. There were no caveats or conditions.

Cllr Kerin, you say that a “No Deal scenario” was not on the ballot paper and cannot therefore be justified, does it not follow that as leaving the EU “subject to a Deal” did not appear on the ballot paper that condition also cannot be justified?

Cllr Kerin, you say, “The key argument that many use against a confirmatory referendum is that it goes against the will of the people.” You go on to say, “However, the will of the people was not set in stone on 23 June 2016, just as it wasn’t on 5 June 1975. It is allowed to change.” You also say, “It isn’t undemocratic to check with the people if it is still their will to leave the EU. More democracy isn’t bad for democracy.”

The trouble I have with your argument is that I believe what you really mean is the will of the people and democracy are acceptable as long as they accord with the wishes of “remainers” like yourself and, under the guise of “more democracy” you will continue to browbeat the people into accepting your version of Brexit.

Cllr Kerin, you say that, “The 2016 Leave campaign was based around many themes, but not around a case for a No Deal exit. There was no talk of creating a low tax, low regulation “Singapore-on-Thames” here in the UK. If you ask Leave voters in the economically depressed, left-behind areas of the country that voted massively for Brexit, this is the last thing that they would want or expect from Brexit.” Cllr, how many people from these areas have you actually asked for their views or is your comment merely an assumption on your part?

Cllr Kerin, you ask, “How many of those who voted Leave in 2016 would now back a No Deal exit?” Based upon my own experience, that is talking to Leavers, they are even more determined than they were in 2016 that Britain should leave the EU. If that means leaving without a deal, then so be it.

Cllr Kerin, you say, “Since 2016 numerous polls have shown a shift towards remaining in the EU.” If my memory is correct, more than 70% of the people of Thurrock, who voted in the 2016 referendum, voted leave and I do not believe there has been any significant change in Thurrock towards remaining in the EU, a situation which could cost the Labour Parliamentary candidate dear if there were a General Election in the near future.

Cllr Kerin, you say, “One thing is for sure, a second referendum {confirmatory referendum} would settle the argument one way or another. I somehow doubt that would be the case. If the result of a second referendum confirmed the peoples wish to leave the EU, deal or no deal, I suspect there would still be some zealous “Remainers” who would ignore the democratic result and undemocratically continue to campaign against it.

Cllr Kerin, it is the “Remainers”, especially the politicians, who have flouted democracy over the past 3 years. The people of the UK did not agitate or demonstrate for a referendum, they were gifted it by Parliament who said they would abide by the result. In their arrogance the politicians believed there was not :a snowball in hell” chance that the people would vote to leave the EU and it would silence Nigel Farage and those who supported him once and for all. How wrong they were and how shocked they were, they just could not believe it. They said the people had made a mistake, they didn’t know what they voted for, they were mislead, they were lied too. The truth is the Remainers, especially Remain politicians are bad losers.

Having passed authority to decide to the people all that was democratically required of the politicians was to implement the decision regardless of their own views. To do otherwise is simply an affirmation that politicians cannot be trusted to keep their word and honour promises made.
To conclude, your claim “more democracy isn’t bad for democracy” is, in my opinion, really just a ploy to obfuscate an issue until you get your own way.

Brexit, Brexit, give us an answer to it,
You have driven us crazy, now just get on and do it.

To the tune of “Daisy, Daisy, give me an answer do”.

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