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I APOLOGISE to Cllr Halden for saying that he just scraped in with a single figure majority in one of his three elections. I should have said that more people voted against him than for him. MPs and Councillors tend to be very “selective” when referring to facts and figures especially when it comes to election results.

Cllr Halden corrects me and states:-

“I did not “scrape by” with single figures in any of the three elections I have contested. My 2014 majority was 135, increasing to well over 600 in 2018”.

He arrives at these figures by completely discounting the votes cast for other candidates and considers them irrelevant. He calculates his majorities only on the number of votes cast for his nearest rival.

To justify my assertion that more people voted against Cllr Halden than for him, I publish the results of the three elections he has contested.

2010 – Conservative (Halden) 2045
Labour. 1662
UKIP. 544
BNP. 413

Using Cllr Halden’s method he has a majority of 383 over the Labour candidate. In reality the other two candidates polled 957 votes between them. A total of 2619 people voted against Cllr Halden which leaves him with a majority of minus 574. Turn out 71%.

2014 – Conservative (Halden) 1153
UKIP. 1018
Labour. 509

Using Cllr Halden’s method he has a majority of 135 over the UKIP candidate. In reality the UKIP and Labour candidate polled 1527 votes between them, leaving Cllr Halden with a majority of minus 374. Turn out 41%.

2018 – Conservative (Halden). 1233
Thurrock Independents. 575
Labour 532
UKIP. 172

Using Cllr Halden’s method he has a majority of 658 over the Thurrock Independents candidate. In reality 1279 people did not vote for him, leaving him with a majority of minus 46. Turn out 38%.

Politicians reveal only that part of the picture they want people to see. However, when the whole picture is revealed a very different perspective is arrived at. In Cllr Halden’s case the reality is a drop in turnout from 71% in 2010 to 38% in 2018 and a considerable drop in the number of people voting for him. He did win three times, so I suppose he can claim that in the end that is what really matters

It is insulting to discount peoples votes and dismiss them as irrelevant.

Cllr Halden appears to have developed an overrated sense of self-importance and cannot resist mocking those he considers his inferiors. He should take note that an over inflated ego will eventually burst.

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