Thurrock Labour slam “blind” Tories over £10 million civic offices plan


THURROCK Labour leader Jane Pothecary has condemned the Conservatives’ decision this week to press ahead with their controversial plans to rebuild Thurrock Civic Offices.

Jane P

Cllr Pothecary said: “I am amazed at the Conservatives’ decision. They’ve chosen to ignore local people and they have chosen to overlook the decision of the council’s own planning committee. Nobody seems to think this is a good idea, apart from the Tory cabinet.

This isn’t just a political hot potato; the council’s own environment officer has described these plans as completely riding roughshod over the character of the old High Street, obliterating some of the last surviving businesses and overwhelming our historic parish church.  When called to account, they merely repeat the same lines about ‘the benefits outweighing the damage’ – without giving us any kind of clue as to what the actual benefits to Grays townspeople will be. 

The Tories are prepared to throw the entire town centre under the bus, in what looks suspiciously like a crass attempt to build a monument to themselves. And they’re cheered on by our Tory MP who insists we need plush new offices for councillors to sit in, but not a local hospital!  It seriously doesn’t feel as if Thurrock’s Tories live in the same world as the people they supposedly represent.”

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