Sunday, December 10, 2023

Woodside Academy awarded its own Green Flag

WOODSIDE Academy has been working as an “Eco School” for some time and, following assessment this summer, has just been awarded the prestigious Green Flag, the highest Eco School award.

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The children chose energy, litter, and marine topics from the Eco Schools action list and these were embedded in the curriculum. Children have been keeping the nearby bridleway clean and have a litter patrol on the school grounds. They have written persuasive arguments to protect marine life and undertaken a beach litter pick. Children monitor classrooms to reduce unnecessary use of electricity and the school has installed solar panels, low energy lighting and an electric car charging point. Children are also heavily involved in recycling and many more are now travelling to school sustainably, on bikes, scooter or on foot.

Woodside Eco Coordinator Nell Edwards said

“Although we had to choose three topics, as a school we are working on all 10 topics as we truly believe this is the time to take a stand and save our planet.”

Woodside Principal Edward Caines said

“We have a number of awards but this has to be the most important one, coming at a time when we are facing a global climate crisis. The Green Flag Award is a testament to the commitment of children and staff to saving the planet and it is a pity that the same commitment has not been shown by our political leaders including Thurrock council; who have so far failed to provide a safe network of cycle routes for children to get to school or to even declare a climate emergency.”


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