Saturday, March 2, 2024

Thurrock’s Lib Dem candidate: “Numbers don’t add up for Corbyn to be PM”

The numbers do not add up for Jeremy Corbyn. The former Conservatives have said they will not vote for him, Anna Soubry and the Independent Group have said they will not vote for him, former Labour MPs like Ian Austin have said they will not vote for him and he cannot even guarantee all the Labour MPs would support him either.

The Liberal Democrats are serious about removing Boris Johnson from 10 Downing Street, this is why we will never back Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister.

Any conversation about an emergency Government should now focus on uniting behind a candidate who can command support in Parliament. Jeremy Corbyn should put the national interest first and make clear who he is willing to support in the event a candidate is needed.

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Kevin McNamara, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, said:
“There is no majority in Parliament to make Jeremy Corbyn an interim Prime Minister. The ball is now very clearly in Jeremy Corbyn’s court on this. He needs to put the national interest first and make clear who he would support.

The real question is for Labour’s candidate in Thurrock – does he agree with me that Corbyn should move aside for a credible candidate, or is he comfortable with the most unpopular opposition leader in history enabling a no deal Brexit?”


  1. How can anyone vote Lib Dem – they are traitors, and the enemy of the general public.They clearly have demonstrated they have no respect for democracy whatsoever.


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