Thurrock CVS win award for Active in the Workplace award

THURROCK CVS (Community Voluntary Services) were over the moon to win the Active in the Workplace award at the Thurrock Sports and Activity Awards 2019 with Impulse Leisure last week.

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By making changes at their offices at the Beehive Resource Centre, staff have been on a journey of healthy activity including taking part in a “Steptember” challenge which saw 1,300,273 steps completed in a month. Beehive partners were invited to take part, and the steps were achieved through a number of CVS staff, volunteers and colleagues within the beehive.

Other changes included; encouraging cycling to work, drinking more water and healthy food swaps to put the spring back into the step of members of the CVS, Ngage and Healthwatch Thurrock teams. The initial motivation for making changes is part of the role Thurrock CVS play in Thurrock’s Whole Obesity Strategy by increasing positive community influences. With this important piece of work Thurrock CVS made a start by looking at what they could do as a local organisation and employer themselves.

Kristina Jackson, Chief Executive Officer “Although some of the initiatives we have introduced at Thurrock CVS offices appear small, they contribute to healthier habits and ultimately better health and wellbeing. Obesity and inactivity is a worrying trend in Thurrock as well as nationally and its important that we support residents to be healthier but also to model behaviours which is why we began by looking at ourselves first”

Thurrock CVS will be promoting and raising awareness of healthy lifestyles as part of the role they play including working with businesses and groups around active travel. They are providing support and guidance for healthier ways of travelling including working with businesses to create Active Transport Policies and giving access to free cycle racks or training.

If you are a local group or business and would like to know how you can receive support to make your journeys healthier, contact or

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