Woollard for Thurrock: Independent candidate set to stand at general election

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AN independent candidate has told YT he is set to contest the seat of Thurrock in the general election of 2019.

Local resident James Woollard has launched his Woollard for Thurrock campaign on social media.

We have had a quick chat with Mr Woollard but will be running a full interview later on.

You can find out more more from the link below.


Policy Statement by James Woollard

· Leave EU immediately with ‘no deal’
· Go to WTO rules then negotiate free trade agreement with EU
· Leave EU common foreign, security and defence policies and stop EU command and control of our armed forces
· Leave the devastating Common Fisheries Policy and rebuild our fishing industry

NHS and care

· £2bn extra funding per year for local hospital building.
· £500m increase in mental health funding
· No NHS access to any new EU arrivals after Brexit
· Non-British citizens without an NHS health card required to have private health insurance before accessing NHS care
· Scrap hospital car parking charges

A full list of candidates should be available later in the week.

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