Three Grays Labour councillors to oppose plan for homes


THREE Grays Labour councillors have expressed their opposition to plans to build homes in their ward.

Details of the planning application can be found here.

Cllrs Kerin, Pothecary and Fish are implacably opposed to this development.

They have been working with the residents of Badgers Dene on opposing it and working with the local Thameside Community Forum in formulating their response.

On Thursday night, Cllr Kerin will speak to oppose it on behalf of the three of us.

Their collective statement said:

“This development is out of keeping with Badgers Dene and terrible for the environment.

When Cllr Kerin speaks against this on Thursday, he does so with the full backing of the residents of Badgers Dene and the local Thameside Community Forum.

“It is time for the Council to listen to its residents and work with the community on developments which are sustainable and in keeping with the neighbourhood.”

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