Sunday, September 25, 2022

Have your say on paying for policing in Thurrock

Essex Police

THERE is less than a week to go for people to have their say on paying for policing in Essex.

Roger Hirst, the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, is asking the Council Tax payers of Essex for their views on the topic of police funding. Do people want more investment in the police service and are they willing to pay more Council Tax to provide it?

People can fill in a survey here: to give their views.
The survey closes at midnight on Sunday, January 12.

Roger Hirst said: “Funding for Essex Police comes from two sources, central Government and local Council Tax. Taking these two funding sources into account Essex Police receives the second lowest funding per resident of any police force in the country and has one of the lowest Council Tax precepts for policing.

“Over the last two years we carried out surveys asking whether or not people would pay more to increase investment in policing in Essex.

“Last year, 4187 people completed the survey. Seventy-one per cent of the people who responded said they would be prepared to invest more in policing to help improve the service provided. As a result, we increased the policing element of Council Tax by £24 a year for the average household. The maximum permitted by the Government without a referendum.

“This extra investment is making a difference in Essex, helping us deliver an extra 368 officers, including:
New town centre teams across the county
More local policing
More rural policing
Growth in specialist officers to tackle gangs and drug related violence

“Combined with the 135 officers being funded by the Government as part of the first wave of the 20,000 extra officers they have promised nationally, it means we will be recruiting 503 extra officers by April 2021. Taking into account recent investments in technology and improved efficiency this will make Essex Police as strong as it has ever been.”

He added: “This extra investment is having an impact on policing in Essex and in recent years, we have seen a reduction in Anti-Social Behaviour, burglary and theft. However, we know that violent crime, domestic abuse and online crime are all increasing nationally and these effects are being felt in Essex.

“Like other organisations, the cost of policing is affected by inflation and the increased cost of goods and services. This year we are expecting some significant increases in our costs including a 2.5 per cent increase in police officer and staff wages.
If we want to invest more in policing and crime prevention activities we need to invest more than inflation.
“Before we take those decisions, we want to know what people think.”

The survey is online but hard copies are also available on request by either calling the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex on 01245 291600 or emailing People can also write to PFCC for Essex, Kelvedon Park, London Road, Rivenhall, Witham, Essex, CM8 3HB.


  1. What a load of Bulls**t Roger Hirst spouts. The cost to the ratepayer will go up if we agree or not…simple as that. This is just bull s**t lip service to say the public want to pay more.
    To add to the insult Essex Police are incompetent at best and corruption rife.

    We get no more for our money just rising crime rates and a crime number.


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